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Category: Chemical Etching

Will Gen Z Throw the Manufacturing Industry a Life Jacket?

As the manufacturing industry deals with a lack of labor now, employers worry about the supply for future candidates. According to Deloitte, there will be a manufacturing labor shortage of 2.4 million by 2028. However, there is potential for a saving grace: Gen Z. After seeing Millennials drown in student-debt, many more Gen Zers are…

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3 Situations Where Chemical Etching Is the Way to Go

  Any time you need to make a custom metal part, there’s a wide range of manufacturing methods available. The challenge can be selecting the right one that best fits your needs—including quality, cost, turnaround time and manufacturability. In many cases, chemical etching (also known as photo chemical machining) offers clear advantages over other processes.

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The Stack Up: Metal Etching Versus Laser Cutting

  When designing or sourcing a manufacturer for a flat precision metal component, trying to determine whether laser cutting or photochemical etching* is the best alternative method to produce it can be difficult. And as with nearly every component, the answer may not be black and white.

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What is a photo tool? And how is it different than hard tooling?

Short Version: Photo tools are an essential step in the etching process. They are the means by which we transfer your design from your CAD file onto the metal.

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What is Metal Etching?

  From simple parts to complex components used in modern manufacturing, a wide variety of metal parts are created through photochemical etching. A subtractive process by which small pieces are removed from sheet metal, metal etching has proven to be one of the most effective ways to produce accurate, consistent parts.

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Designing Industrial Water Filters for Sustainability

  As the world’s population continues to climb, so does the need to conserve water. Environmental responsibility demands water-efficient industrial processes, and commercial water users must make better use of costly resources to serve the growing number of consumers.

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Etching Stainless Steel: Which Technique Works Best?

  The integrity of every design is impacted by material selection. Choose the wrong material, and your application is subject to an unpredictable, potentially short life. Choose the right material, and your application has a much higher probability of success.

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How Chemical Etching Creates a Better Industrial Filter

  Filters and screens might seem like simple, straightforward parts, but they play a crucial role in industrial machines. Technological advancements in the modern world require innovative changes to industrial machinery, but OEMs face tight margins and limited time. Cutting-edge technology can provide screens that improve performance without having to redesign machines.

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4 Industries that Can Benefit from Chemical Etching

  Chemical etching can play an important role in metal part fabrication. Lead times allow for more flexibility; tighter tolerances can be achieved; scalable volumes are made possible.

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