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Category: Customer Stories

Maintaining a Tight Tolerance for Heat Flux Gauge Masks

  In the aerospace industry, instrumentation is an important point of concern. Researchers are constantly searching for ways to design precise, reliable instruments that deliver accurate measurements.

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Enhancing the Tooling and Manufacturing of Metal Parts

  The way products are manufactured has a crucial impact on their success in the market. This is true not only of the processes behind their development but also the design and engineering of tools used for fabrication—or what’s known as tooling.

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Custom Metal Fabrication for a Medical Device Company

A partnership between a metal fabricator and a customer is not built on just one positive experience. It’s an ongoing commitment of working together to fulfill current product needs and identifying opportunities for improvement.

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An Innovative Design for Wearable Medical Devices

  Electronic gadgets are quickly becoming a second skin for humans. Just like a temporary tattoo, wearable medical devices and sensors can be applied directly to the skin to monitor people’s health while they perform their daily activities.

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