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Category: Switzer News

How Switzer Showed Support When the Community Needed It Most

Core Value: Community We help others succeed and celebrate their success. We respect, understand, and care for each other, the community, our vendors and our customers. Local Businesses Switzer was lucky enough to survive the difficult year of 2020. Sadly, the changes the pandemic brought effected some industries worse than others. Of these industries, restaurants…

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Engineer Feature: Jack Pilie

A member of Switzer’s team for now four years, process engineer Jack Pilie thrives off of the collaboration and problem-solving involved in the chemical etching process. Pulling from a wealth of experience, Jack offers insights onto the highlights of his work in the manufacturing industry. What is the most innovative project you’ve worked on? A…

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Etcher

When it comes to finding a supplier of metal components, there are dozens of options; but choosing the right one can make all the difference in terms of obtaining exactly what you need. While there are many more relevant factors in selecting an etcher, we have picked three that Switzer considers most important: experience, capabilities…

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What Makes Switzer Home for Jill Re

Jill Re first joined Switzer’s team two years ago as the company’s HR Manager. Since then, Jill has gained a wealth of experience, newfound knowledge and even a new title: Director of Finance and Administration. Now, she reflects on what has made Switzer such a great place to work. What originally attracted you to Switzer? Do…

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A Company Without a Boss

According to the Volaris Group, the difference between a boss and a leader is the following: “a boss is someone who manages their employees, while a leader inspires them to innovate, think creatively and strive for perfection.” Across industries, you can find thousands of bosses giving orders and demanding results to keep their business running…

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Engineer Feature: Kim Murray

From joining Switzer’s team four years ago, Kim Murray – Switzer’s senior engineer – has always been an innovative thinker who pulls from creativity and experience to overcome challenges and do the impossible. What is the most innovative project you’ve worked on? Throughout her time here at Switzer, Kim has worked to develop and execute…

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Looking Back as Switzer Drives Forward

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success would have no meaning.” One company which can attest to the truth of Franklin’s statement is Switzer: a contract manufacturing company that has embraced continual change and expansion to become an industry leader since its establishment in 1988. Headquartered…

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Switzer Upgrades Wastewater Treatment System at Blasdell Facility

  Switzer, a precision metal parts provider, announces a major project to replace the wastewater treatment system at its production facility in Blasdell. The upgrade is part of a company-wide initiative to improve energy efficiency and safety of its operations.

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