Drones Helping Out During the Pandemic

As the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus sent people inside for safety, something came out to clean up the mess: drones. While humans couldn’t interact with one another, drones took over some roles to help people in the midst of the worldwide pandemic.

Image taken from www.nurse.org.

enforcing social distancing

While the pandemic resulted in strict stay-at-home orders across the world, government officials turned to modern drone technology to enforce lock downs. Police in Spain flew drones through the streets and warned non-compliant civilians to stay home. Albanian police operated drones which, when encountered a pedestrian, told them that the police were coming.

As cities around the world now emerge from isolation, citizens are facing social distance protocol reminders. But not by signs or officials announcing it outside; rather, by drones. In New York City, a drone told park visitors, “Please maintain social distancing. Please help stop the spread of the virus, reduce the death toll and save lives.”

Disinfecting Cities

When it comes to disinfecting virus hotspots, drones have proven themselves to be extremely useful resources. In India, civilians in the city of Ahmedabad watched drones above spray disinfectant onto buildings and streets. Drones, originally designed to spray pesticides, were also used in China to clean public areas.

Transporting Critical Supplies

Eliminating the need for human contact, drones took over the transportation of critical medical supplies and tests. Drone firm Zipline delivered PPE and medical supplies to hospitals in North Carolina. Zipline, which heavily operates in Africa, also transported supplies between more than 1,000 hospitals in Ghana and Rwanda. Aside from COVID-19 tests, drones delivered cancer-fighting drugs to those who could not travel to oncology appointments.

Medical supplies were not the only thing transported via drone; Wing – a drone company owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet – provided customers with grocery and take-out delivery in Virginia.


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