EMI/RF Shielding: The Part with Many Names

Names for EMI/RF Shielding

Radio Frequency Shielding

EMI/RF shielding limits the amount of radiation that is transmitted from radio frequency equipment into the open environment. They are expertly crafted with conductive or magnetic material to reduce the electromagnetic field within a space in order to isolate electrical devices. Electromagnetic radiation can disrupt the signals of communication devices and medical equipment. EMI/RF shielding helps limit radio frequency interference issues that would otherwise affect the performance and functionality of electronic devices.

Our Experience

For 35 years, we’ve used our photo chemical etching experience to master the fabrication of EMI/RF shielding. The chemical etching process allows for extremely tight tolerances for small and complex designs. Visit the EMI/RFI Shielding page to learn more.

RF Shielding: The Part with Many Names

We have worked with thousands of contacts within the RF/microwave industry, and over the years we have heard many different names for this component. Some common names we have come across include:

EMI/RF Shielding

  • Cans
  • Boxes
  • Enclosures
  • Shields

Understanding the common terminology is important in any industry, especially when collaborating with industry professionals from different companies and backgrounds. Miscommunications can cause confusion and slow down projects.

If your team has another name for EMI/RF shielding that is not listed above, or if you are interested in precision crafted RF shielding, feel free to reach out!



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