How Switzer Showed Support When the Community Needed It Most

Core Value: Community

We help others succeed and celebrate their success. We respect, understand, and care for each other, the community, our vendors and our customers.

Local Businesses

Switzer was lucky enough to survive the difficult year of 2020. Sadly, the changes the pandemic brought effected some industries worse than others. Of these industries, restaurants took some of the hardest hits.

Switzer was blessed to be able to stay open through the duration of the pandemic and wanted to share that blessing with the local restaurants in our community.

Showing Support

Since we couldn’t host a holiday party for all our employees, who adapted and worked through this difficult time, Switzer bought gift cards to local restaurants for everyone.

We chose a locally owned restaurant near each employee and spent a total of $4,400. This was a positive way to not only give back to our internal community here at Switzer, but also to drive business for the local restaurants that we know and love.

Child and Family Services

Restaurants and local businesses aren’t the only ones who suffered during the pandemic. Switzer also donated to Child and Family Services to provide a small sense of relief for struggling families in our community.

Usually around Christmas time, the employees at Switzer would buy toys for children in need. This year, Child and Family Services asked for $25 gift cards, because some families were left without basic needs. This way, families could make the decision whether to use the gift cards on toys or groceries.

Switzer asked its team to donate and promised to match however much they raised. This year, Switzer was able to donate $1,400 in gift cards to families who needed a little extra cheer this holiday season.


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