Consult With An Expert About Your Precision Separation And Filtration Screen Needs

Specializing in Single-Piece Stainless Steel Screens

Our process and the experts who execute it are able to produce parts with complex features and extremely tight tolerances. We specialize in stainless steel, but our material capabilities are broad

Why Switzer?

Variable Hole Profile Options

Our process can create customized hole profiles that better meet your needs.

Durability & Strength

Our screens last longer and withstand more stress. 

Meeting The Unique Needs Of Many Markets

Processing Equipment Separation Screens


Minimize Product Loss

We understand that minimizing product loss is the name of the game. We can customize your screens to limit scrap loss and buildup. Our transparent process controls and inspection reports will put you at ease.

Food & Dairy

Prevent Contamination

Minimizing contamination and bacteria buildup is critical to your processes. Our screens are a cost-effective alternative to wire mesh that can be customized to your needs and are designed to significantly decrease bacteria buildup.


Withstand More Impact

You require strong, durable screens that can withstand a lot of stress and impact. Our screens are just that, allowing you to process more quickly and replace filters less often. We specialize in custom hole shapes and durable materials to meet your needs.

Liquid Filtration

Keep Equipment Running Smoothly

Removing coarse/small particle contaminants like metal, abraded rubber and/or plastics, dirt and debris from viscous fluids is critical to the performance of your equipment. We can help create screens that maximize your processes.

Switzer Features and Tolerances

Material Thickness* Minimum Feature Size
0.001” 0.0045”
0.002” 0.0055”
0.003” 0.0050”
0.004” 0.0055”
0.005” and greater 110% of material thickness

*Minimum feature sizes (includes through-features like holes or slots, and remaining land features) for material thicknesses of 0.005” and greater should be at least 110% of material thickness. For thicknesses below 0.005”, the minimum feature sizes are shown in the table above.

Hole Size* Minimum Tolerance (whichever is greater)
1.1 – 1.4 X +/-20% X or +/-0.001”
1.5 – 1.9 X +/-15% X or +/-0.001”
2 X or larger +/-10% X or +/-0.001”

*Tolerance is a function of feature size and material thickness (X). The larger the hole-to-thickness ratio, the tighter the tolerance that can be held, down to a minimum tolerance of +/-0.001”, or +/-10% of material thickness, whichever is greater.
**Tighter features and tolerances can be achieved, depending on the specifics of your design. Please contact Switzer to discuss your requirements in detail.

Let Us Help You With R&D

Sometimes you need more than a part – you need a partner. We offer R&D packages to help you meet your needs with the most effective component possible. R&D packages give us the opportunity to work together to maximize your screens. Schedule your consultation to discuss R&D packages and opportunities.

  • Capability Studies
  • Design Assistance
  • Material Selection Assistance
  • Feature Testing
  • Secondary Finishing Assistance (coatings, heat-treatments, etc.)
  • Direct Engineering Access
  • First Article Inspection Reports
  • Specialty Packaging
  • 100% Quality Inspection
  • On-Site Auditing

Switzer is the Premier Manufacturer of Precision-Crafted Metals.

We’ve crafted custom designs for military, aerospace, and commercial programs, providing extensive in-house techniques and machining capabilities. Our photochemical etching process is able to offer fast lead times, tight tolerances, and scalable volumes to meet all your custom metal parts and components needs.


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