Industrial Filtration & Screening

The Value Of Industrial Filtration & Industrial Screening Across Markets

The need to separate heterogeneous mixtures is a common thread that binds various fields, from the chemical industry to the food processing industry. While industrial filters and industrial screens are relied upon for this purpose, it’s only when they are efficient, sustainable and resistant to wear that their real potential comes to light. The right metal parts make this possible.

What Fuels The Success Of Industrial Filters & Screens?

How well a metal filter or screen performs is heavily dependent on its manufacturing process. The optimal approach is one that provides increased durability while reducing blinding or blockage that can disrupt operation. This is the value that comes with chemically etched parts.

Greater Strength

By avoiding burrs and stresses that can comprise performance and operational lifetime, chemical etching enhances the durability and longevity of industrial filters and screens.

Reduced Build-Up

With hole profiles available in various shapes and sizes, chemical etching offers the flexibility that industrial filters and screens need to prevent trapped particles.

Hole Profile Options

Because of its versatility, chemical etching extends the range of hole profiles that can be successfully processed in industrial filters and screens.

What Goes Into The Manufacturing Process

When it comes to the manufacturing of custom metal parts for industrial filtration or industrial screening, process makes perfect. Here at Switzer, we combine the highly precise technique of chemical etching with years of industry experience to manufacture parts that not only meet but exceed expectations. You’ll find that final parts align with the proper fit, form and function; are free of burrs; and have improved stress stability. This translates into a streamlined metal fabrication process as well as a longer operational lifetime and thus cost savings for businesses.

Playing Our Part In Delivering Remote Internet Access

X—Alphabet’s R&D division—had a plan to bring internet access to people in remote locations around the world. It’s called Project Loon, and it’s a network of balloons flying in the stratosphere to relay internet access almost anywhere. To get this done, X needed a partner to deliver crucial battery contact parts quickly, effectively and to a frequently changing set of specifications. Switzer exceeded expectations and helped keep Project Loon aloft by delivering high-quality custom metal parts on time, keeping up with demanding revisions and refinements.

Which Industries Are Fueling The Industrial Filtration Market?

Industrial filtration devices are used to produce many goods on which the global economy relies. In recent years, several industries have made their mark in fueling the growth of this industrial market. With highly efficient industrial filters and industrial screens that are built to last, each has an opportunity to gain a leg up on their competition and ensure sustainability.