Next Level Precision

Precision. Crafted. Metal. That’s Switzer. The photo chemical etching process allows us to make tight-tolerance, precision metal components as thin as .0005 inches. To achieve this level of precision, we rely on our 30+ years of experience and our measuring tools.

The Keyence IM-7500

Keyence IM-7500

We have recently raised our standards and our level of efficiency with the acquisition of a Keyence IM-7500. The IM-7500 is a state-of-the-art optical comparator that can measure up to 99 dimensions in seconds. Its advanced features eliminate any focusing, positioning, or human errors that can occur while taking measurements.

You simply place the component you’d like to measure on the tray, and the machine captures an image. It then measures the pixels between features to record an  accurate measurement. With the click of a button, every dimension is scanned, measured, documented and sent directly to your computer.

Next Generation Features

Many compare the IM-7500 to the MicroVu, which is another optical comparator. The MicroVu is also a powerful and useful tool, but it is missing some of the key features that make the IM-7500 shine. For example, positioning issues are no longer problematic because the IM-7500 measures every side of a component at once. The MicroVu requires parts to be repositioned in order to measure every dimension, leaving room for positioning and human errors.

Next Level Precision for Our Partners

This new device will continue to increase the overall efficiency of our team. At Switzer, the engineers work tirelessly to supply our partners with the next level precision that they expect and deserve. Visit Our Services to learn more about precision metal components.


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