Our Precision Metal Manufacturing Process

Here we put your ideas into action.

We start with you in mind. And our results prove why that statement is more than lip service. It’s important to us because each project is unique, requiring a different approach and calling on our expertise for the best way to manufacture your precision metal parts and assemblies.


Your Project

We start with your concept and build a production plan. Whether your project is designed in CAD or sketched on a napkin, Switzer quotes and manufactures with your goals in mind.


Our Expertise

We determine the best manufacturing approach based on your requirements, leveraging the collective capability of our extensive in-house techniques and reliable team of vendors.

Photo Chemical Machining (PCM)
This process has been the core of our business since the beginning, and quite frankly, we’re the experts. Also known as chemical etching, photo chemical machining is a precise, repeatable, and scalable method that exposes sheet metal to acid to create tight-tolerance parts as thin as .0005 in. (.0127 mm).

Custom Metal Fabrication
Our customers asked and we listened. Stamping, punching, forming, and part assembly were originally introduced to supplement the PCM process. With the goal of finishing a part complete to the print, these precision metal manufacturing processes can also be used as standalone operations.

Team of Vendors
When it comes to sourcing, we don’t just know a guy – we know the right guys. From materials to finishing work, Switzer has a network of partners that have become an invaluable resource.


Finished Pieces

We don’t send a single piece through our doors unless it meets our incredibly high quality standards. After production is complete, your precision metal parts and assemblies are packed, shipped, and delivered based on your specifications.


An update regarding Switzer’s production status at this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.