Switzer’s Success in The Automotive Industry

At Switzer, we supply precision crafted metal components to numerous OEMs within a variety of industries. From aerospace-to-automotive, our expertise extends from above the clouds to on the road, and we never fail to deliver the quality the project deserves.

Switzer Takes the WheelSky to road

Thanks to our hard work and continuous success in the industry, Switzer recently landed a deal with a well-known and highly reputable automotive company. Our precision crafted components will be featured in their latest vehicle lineup.

Because of the dynamic design capabilities of chemical etching, much of our automotive work so far has been decorative. We have manufactured cosmetic features such as hood ornaments and emblems for vehicles in the past, but this project is exciting because the component we are supplying is functional. We are providing a product that not only looks incredible, but also serves a specific purpose.

Racing into production

Our Need to Succeed

This was a hard-fought opportunity. The automotive company asked us to produce their design with our chemical etching process so they could compare it to their laser cut models. Although the differences were hardly visible, they admitted that they liked the laser cut version better than our first attempt.

However, we refused to give up. Fueled by our need to succeed, our engineers went back to the drawing board and reworked our process. The outcome was a product that leaves the laser cut alternative in the dust.

Racing into Production

The automobile company was blown away by our ability to adapt under pressure. They loved the look, the feel, and of course, the price of the product we produced for them. This component has gone into full production, and we are excited – and ready – for more projects like this down the road.

Excited for our future with automotive oem's

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