What Makes Switzer Home for Jill Re

Jill Re first joined Switzer’s team two years ago as the company’s HR Manager. Since then, Jill has gained a wealth of experience, newfound knowledge and even a new title: Director of Finance and Administration. Now, she reflects on what has made Switzer such a great place to work.

What originally attracted you to Switzer? Do you still consider that factor relevant as you have been here for some time now?

Jill says that what intrigued her most about Switzer was the company’s values, explaining that it didn’t take long for her to realize that her workplace values aligned with Switzer’s. “Switzer exhibits their core values in their work, and this became apparent in my interview process: responsibility, determination, candor and community,” she says. Jill explains that through accountability, communication and dedication to the local community, Switzer fosters an environment which allows both the company and WNY to grow continuously. A second factor which attracted Jill to Switzer was their production process. She had spent time with manufacturing and construction companies before but had never encountered the photo chemical machining process that Switzer utilizes. To her, this unfamiliarity was a learning opportunity.

Now two years later, Jill says these factors are still just as relevant today. While she has gained loads of knowledge already, she says she looks forward to continuing learning about Switzer’s techniques.

Compared to other places you have worked, what differentiates Switzer?

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of a few great companies throughout my career, but Switzer’s drive to move forward and evolve is exactly what I was looking for,” Jill states. She says that the company is always looking to improve itself and is not afraid to ask “why” when it comes executing progress.

What is your favorite aspect of Switzer?

Being a contract manufacturer, Switzer works with a variety of companies that stretch across many industries. “Our clients need a very precise manufacturing process to fit their needs. Understanding our role in the final product is always fascinating,” Jill says. She goes on to reflect upon Switzer’s commitment to quality, explaining the team has immense pride in knowing that their quality work plays an important role in so many different aspects.

Why do you enjoy coming to work each day?

In two words: the people. Jill has found that Switzer promotes a culture of learning and that the company has a talented team. She enjoys being able to be a part of a community of such driven, hardworking people. Additionally, Jill says that Switzer’s company culture is an important piece of their daily work. “The core values that we strive to live daily promote an environment that allows for continual improvement; having this factor supports an enjoyable workplace.”

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