What You Should Know About Metal Business Cards

You’ve probably seen metal business cards in person before, from dinner parties to networking events. Hey, even Steve Wozniak has one that he famously passes around. But beyond their initial shine, there are a few things that you should know about them.

They Make the Great First and Lasting Impressions

Business cards – metal or not – are a distinctive reflection of you and your brand. And after a face-to-face conversation, they are often the best opportunity you have to leave a lasting impression.

They’ve Got Staying Power

Switzer’s account managers get phone calls from people that have kept our metal cards for years. How do we know? Switzer rebranded a few years ago, but kept contact information the same. Messages still come in under the former business name, Precision Photo Fab, proving that after tradeshows and networking events, metal business cards continually make the cut to the “keep” pile.

They’re Tactile

Even with personalized metal card’s rising popularity, not everyone has one. And in a world of mind-boggling amounts of marketing, it’s a touchable medium that can help your message stand out. It’s proven that different tactile sensations can even lead customers to interpret and interact with their surroundings in unique ways.

They’re Passed Around

Ever hear from someone that they’ll pass your information along? You think: Yeah, sure okay. But, people are excited to show their friends and coworkers something cool that also happens to be a business card.

Another benefit: this sharing can work as a recommendation. And it’s proven the power of referrals are real.

They’re Heavy

And that’s a good thing. Beyond their appearance and prestige, there’s a psychological benefit to metal business cards. Specifically, the weight.

It’s something the credit card industry has been moving toward: For the metal credit card aficionados around the globe, there is a growing trend drawing their attention, fondly referred to as the “plunk” factor. Throwing down a credit card with the heft and sheen that only metal provides is something of a status symbol among credit card users.

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The electronics industry is familiar with the concept too: Beats Headphones use metal components to increase weight to add a “substantial feel” to their premium product.

They Tell Your Story in a Unique Way

The use of metal gives a cool opportunity to show a brand in a distinct way that paper can’t. Car companies can show off their signature grille style. Breweries can incorporate a cool feature like a bottle opener. Companies that go beyond a logo and contact information on their card are taking advantage of the unusual medium to tell their story.

And great storytelling is a great differentiator from the competition. Along with the right design and marketing, they can help a company tell their story in a memorable way.

So, focus on your inspired logo. Highlight your unique name. Let your company’s personality shine through.

Metal business cards might be the perfect piece for your marketing arsenal.

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