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For Those Who Want a Partner, Not Just a Part

When compared to stamping or forming manufacturing methods, our photochemical machining has efficiencies built into every step of the process to produce precise and complex metal bipolar plates and meshes with ease.

Consultations with Engineers
Expert Program Management
Industry-Leading Innovation
Life Cycle Planning
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Lifecycle Planning

Product Development

We will work with you from the beginning to help design in manufacturability, fit and function to create something great.

  • Expert Consultation
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering Guidance

High-Volume Production

We’ll help tie up all loose ends and establish a long term plan as we help you ramp up into high volume production.

  • Cost-Down Studies
  • Production Monitoring

Proposal and Approval

We’ll explain our process and answer any questions you may have.


Product Development

First, we work with you to optimize your part design and set you up for success. We’ll consult with you to discover your needs, and diligently review and revise our plans to prepare for production.

Initial Consultation

Talk with our expert team about your plans, needs, budget and goals.


Feasibility Review

Our in-house engineers will review your plans to determine the possibilities, including material options, tolerances and features.

Engineer Advisement

Limitations Study

Long Term Program Planning

Beyond initial manufacturing, what is your long-term plan for the component? Our team can help.

Expert Consultation

Engineering Review

Together, we’ll refine your design as needed for first-run estimates, taking into consideration the long-term production plan.

Engineer Advisement


Based on design updates and prior reviews, we’ll generate an updated, accurate quote.

Quote Generation

Proposal & Approval

We won’t just send a quote for your signature. We’ll talk you through it, and find the solution.

Customer Presentation

Controlled Run

We’ll start with a short run to optimize your design and our process for larger volumes.

Engineering Checkstops

Capability Study

Adjust & Repeat



We’re committed to not just producing your part, but to producing it as efficiently and precisely as possible. Our pre-production phase thoroughly vets your design and ensures all our ducks are in a row for long-term and/or high-volume precision production.

Engineering Review

As we move into low-volume production, our in-house engineers ensure everything is in place to scale up production.

Engineer Advisement

Supply Chain Review

Checking the boxes prior to full-scale production includes establishing payment structures, storage and inventory plans, material acquisition plans, and more.

Resources Review

It’s critical to make sure all resources are lined up for production, including materials, personnel, equipment needed, facilities needed, and time required.

Packaging Review

Packaging and delivery is a critical step. We’ll develop plans for efficient packaging at high volumes with a focus on protecting your components during shipping - including removal on your end.

Custom Packaging

Adjust & Repeat

We won’t move into full-scale production until everyone is satisfied and we’ve accounted for everything.

Engineering Guidance


High Volume Production

Your part has been thoroughly reviewed, planned, prototyped and reviewed some more - it’s time to kick it into high gear! We’ll continue to monitor and optimize your production for the duration of its life, with shipping and delivery designed to meet your needs.

High-Volume Production

It’s go time! Our careful planning, revising and reviewing process means we’re completely confident to produce your component at full-scale production.

Full-Scale Production

Photochemical Etching





Continuous Monitoring

Just because your parts in production doesn’t mean our job is done. Our team is continuously checking our process to ensure resources remain available, and to identify future challenges or optimization opportunities.

Quality Control

Cost Monitoring

Resource Management

Value Added Services

Our capabilities are extensive, and we’re driven by innovation. As we learn more about you, we’ll continue identifying ways to help.

Blanket Orders

Cost Analysis


We’ll work with you to choose the right schedule, carriers and freight methods to meet your timeline and budget.

Inventory Management

Whether you need JIT delivery, scheduled release, or general inventory management assistance, Switzer can help ensure you get what you need, when you need it (no more, no less).

Inventory Holding

KanBan systems


Distribution Programs

Start Your Project Consultation

When compared to stamping or forming manufacturing methods, our photochemical machining has efficiencies built into every step of the process to produce precise and complex metal bipolar plates and meshes with ease.