Custom Metal Parts

Solutions for Your Custom Metal Parts & Components

Does your project involve custom metal parts and components? As precision metal fabricators, the experts at Switzer are here to help. Whether you have an idea for precision metal parts or a complete assembly, we’ll use cutting-edge techniques and a straightforward approach to bring your custom metal parts to life.

Switzer’s Role in Metal Fabrication


Design Partner

Pick our brains, and you’ll see why customers who utilize our design consultation services are able to shorten their design time and plan for long-term manufacturability.

Contract Manufacturer

Work with us to identify the ideal manufacturing approach for your custom designed metal components, and you’ll not only see improved quality but also reduce the product time-to-market.
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How Switzer Meets the Needs of Your Custom Metal Parts & Components

Extensive In-House Techniques

Photochemical machining—a highly precise, repeatable and scalable method—is at the core of our business. The process is more flexible than traditional techniques of metal fabricators, making it ideal for efficiently producing small and large volumes of precision metal parts and components.

Whether used to supplement photochemical machining or as standalone operations, secondary processes are an important part of our business model as well. Stamping, punching, forming and part assembly are all capabilities that fall under our umbrella.

Reliable Team of Vendors

In the design of custom metal part prototypes, outsourcing certain steps helps ensure the highest quality product for our customers. These steps range from the materials included in metal components to the finishing work used to smooth out custom metal parts.

That’s why we pair our extensive in-house techniques with a network of experienced partners. This combined expertise improves the efficiency and accuracy of metal fabrication, giving us the ability to better meet your needs.

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The Benefits of Working With Switzer


Fast Lead Times

Precision metal parts are completed in just a matter of days.

Tight Tolerances

Perfect for intricate parts that require a unique attention to detail.

Scalable Volumes

Seamless transition to large volume production of custom metal parts.


We are proud to partner with several organizations that stretch across a variety of industries where we have expertise.
The Alliance of Advanced BioMedical Engineering (AABME) is an ASME initiative that stimulates biomedical innovation by gathering and delivering resources to the biomedical engineering community. The forum is comprised of engineers, biologists, clinicians, scientists and researchers who are passionate about advancing human health.
The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to advancing unmanned systems and robotics. The association brings together corporations and professionals from over 60 countries involved in industry, government and academia.
The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research (NUAIR) Alliance is a New-York based non-profit coalition that works together to operate and oversee unmanned aircraft testing in New York, Massachusetts and Michigan. The association is made up of more than 200 private and public entities as well as academic institutions that are at the forefront of UAS technology.
The Photo Chemical Machining Institute (PCMI) is a collaborative non-profit organization for manufacturers, suppliers and customers of the photochemical machining and electroforming industry. The international institute is recognized as a reliable source for tracking PCM trends, business developments and competitive factors.