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Precision Metal Fabrication | Chemical Etching Metal | Chemical Milling | Photochemical Etching


Switzer was built on our photochemical machining process. This highly precise, scalable process is ideal for etching delicate features and achieves engineering feats unmatched by traditional fabricating and machining processes.

Punched Metal Sheets | Punching Metal Process | CNC Punched Sheet Metal Components Manufacturers | Metal Punching Services


For thicker metal sheets (>.003”), or lower volume jobs, Switzer is able to use punching as a cost-efficient manufacturing process to achieve your desired results without high tooling costs.

Sheet Metal Stamping | Metal Stamping Service | Precision Metal Stamping | Metal Stamping Manufacturers


For jobs that require stamping, Switzer has a trusted vendor to create a streamlined process for you while still achieving your specifications.

Precision Metal Fabrication | Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication | Secondary Machining | Water Jet Cutting Service | Metal Laser Cutting Service


If your parts require secondary machining, wire EDM, laser cutting or water jet cutting, Switzer is able to manage that vendor process, eliminating hassle while serving as a one-stop-shop.


Sheet Metal Forming | Metal Roll Forming | Precision Metal Forming | Sheet Metal Roll Forming


Many parts require post-manufacturing forming to be ready for use. Switzer is able to assist with both hand forming and machine forming as requested.

Advanced Metal Finishing | Industrial Metal Finishing | Industrial Metal Coating | Industrial Metal Plating | Metal Finishing and Coatings


If your parts require plating, electropolishing, or other types of finishes, Switzer is able to ensure these processes are completed prior to shipping, streamlining the process.

Precision Metal Fabrication | Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication | Soldering Sheet Metal | Assembly Manufacturing


Often the final step before use is assembly. Switzer is ready to assist you with assembly, including soldering, prior to shipping so your parts arrive ready for their end-use state.

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