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The Challenge:

X – Google’s R&D division – needed a vendor who could respond quickly and with flexibility to last minute changes in support of Project Loon’s power supply needs with precision metal parts.

Project Loon is X’s plan to connect people in remote corners of the globe with high speed internet access emitted from balloons flying in the stratosphere. Internet is transmitted up to the nearest balloon X’s telecommunications partner on the ground, relayed across the balloon network, and then back down to users on the ground.



Minimum Material Thickness


Maximum Material Thickness


Maximum Panel Size

54” x 28”

Minimum Feature Size

110% of thickness, to .006”

Minimum Land Area/Web Size

60% of material thickness, to .002”

Minimum Etched Tolerance

as low as +/-10% of material thickness, to +/-.001”

Minimum Inside Corner Radii

= to material thickness

Minimum Outside Corner Radii

*75% of material thickness *Sharper corners can be attained as required

Current Openings

Accounting Assistant

Position is responsible for compiling and maintaining all Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable records

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When compared to stamping or forming manufacturing methods, our photochemical machining has efficiencies built into every step of the process to produce precise and complex metal bipolar plates and meshes with ease.