Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The Growing Demand of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

It’s been a pivotal couple of years for drone technology. What was once a novel gadget for consumer use has expanded into a commercial
operation across various industries. The fuel behind the success of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—whether for law enforcement
surveillance, unmanned cargo transport or search and rescue missions—is the right metal parts.

What Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Need to Take Flight

Unmanned aerial vehicles aren’t just centered around a single metal part.
It’s a combination of elements that help these machines successfully take flight.

Lightweight Parts

When unmanned aerial vehicles are
lighter, they are able to fly for longer
periods of time.

Small Form Factors

Smaller parts fulfill the needs of more compact spaces in unmanned aerial vehicles.

Complex Shapes

As unmanned aerial vehicles grow more complex, their parts requiregreater precision.

Process Makes Perfect

Manufacturing metal parts for unmanned aerial vehicles is a delicate process. Here at Switzer, we understand this need and the difference that chemical etching can make. This precise manufacturing method creates tight-tolerance parts as thin as .0005 inches and has prototype-to-production compatibility. These benefits are paired with the advantages of unaffected metal properties, burr-free components and low-cost tooling. By pairing chemical etching with secondary processes, we deliver quality UAV parts that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Playing Our Part In Delivering Remote Internet Access

X—Alphabet’s R&D division—had a plan to bring internet access to people in remote locations around the world. It’s called Project Loon, and it’s a network of balloons flying in the stratosphere to relay internet access almost anywhere. To get this done, X needed a partner to deliver crucial battery contact parts quickly, effectively and to a frequently changing set of specifications. Switzer exceeded expectations and helped keep Project Loon aloft by delivering high-quality custom metal parts on time, keeping up with demanding revisions and refinements.

Ready to develop metal parts for your UAV project?