The Metal Manufacturing of Quality Parts & Components



Quality — It’s a term we all hear about in the manufacturing world. Customers expect it and manufacturers have to meet this demand to ensure satisfaction and loyalty.

In the metal manufacturing of parts and components, there are a variety of factors that affect the overall quality of the end product. That’s why it’s so important to have the right solutions in place.

Metal Manufacturing: Ensure Quality Parts & Components

Leverage Automation Technology

Hand-assembly techniques have been an integral part of metal manufacturing for many years. This unique craftsmanship is particularly beneficial to decorative parts and components and shows an investment in the end quality of the product.

Combining these manual techniques with automation technology is beneficial to the metal manufacturing process. Customers are able to get their product to the market quickly with confidence in the quality of their final design.

Remove Unnecessary Steps

Wasteful activities can easily tack on extra time and resources to metal fabrication processes. Another part of the equation though is their impact on quality.

This can come in a variety of forms. Designers might add unnecessary complexities to a part or component or leverage materials that add both weight and costs to the metal manufacturing process.

Working with a design partner helps to eliminate these unnecessary steps. Businesses are able to improve their delivery time and reduce the chances of having to rework or correct designs.

Opt for Cutting-Edge Methods

Metal fabrication has always involved a variety of tools and techniques. While traditional machining processes have proven effective in the past, today’s demands call for more flexibility — a need that modern processes help fulfill.

In the metal manufacturing of parts and components, etching delivers significant benefits. This flexible method of etching metals involves dissolving unneeded metal to produce a particular design. In addition to high accuracies and burr-free components, metal etching allows for the production of complex and sophisticated sheet metal designs that would otherwise be impossible to create.

Here at Switzer, we leverage etching to provide our clients with high-quality custom metal parts. From start to finish, our team of experts works diligently to streamline operations and ensure that the final product meets your expectations. To see how we can help with your next design project, contact us today.





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