The Advantages of Working with a Contract Metal Manufacturer

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As manufacturing methods become increasingly complex and delivery deadlines increasingly tight, many companies are choosing to outsource production to a contract metal manufacturer.

A contract metal manufacturer is a third-party provider that produces a component, which will be used in your final product. It’s a partnership that can bring significant benefits to your operation, including:

Cost Reduction

Contract metal manufacturers make it possible for companies to produce products without assuming significant overhead costs. These are raw materials, equipment, labor and maintenance expenditures that quickly add up especially for smaller companies. Contract metal manufacturers also have well-defined processes designed for waste reduction and greater overall efficiency. These savings can be passed onto your customers, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Faster Delivery

In-house manufacturing demands the appropriate research, equipment and team to get production running smoothly. Contract metal manufacturers have processes already in place to ensure everything is ready to go as soon as you are. This preparation helps you keep up with demand, which discourages your customers from looking for quicker options.

Contract Metal Manufacturer | Contract Metal Fabrication | Metal Contract Manufacturing | Contract Manufacturing MetalTechnical Expertise

Manufacturing technologies are always evolving. Smaller companies may not be able to keep up. But a contract metal manufacturer allows you to leverage all the latest technologies and provide cutting edge service to your customers without having to invest in expensive upgrades.

Contract metal manufacturers also generally follow strict quality control processes. This knowledge will help your product meet regulatory standards every step of the way.

New Product Innovation

When you let a reliable contract metal manufacturer handle your legacy product needs, you can focus more on bringing new products to market for your customers.

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For Those Who Want a Partner, Not Just a Part

Switzer is a contract metal manufacturer that builds precision into everything we do. Our engineering experts, state-of-the-art equipment and meticulous approach all work together to deliver better solutions for our customers. When you work with us, you can expect:

Product Development

We will work closely with you to optimize your part design and set you up for success.


We’re committed to not just producing your part, but to producing it as efficiently and precisely as possible. Our pre-production phase thoroughly vets your design and ensures all our ducks are in a row for long-term and/or high-volume precision production.

Contract Metal Manufacturing | Contract Manufacturing Metal Fabrication | Contract Manufacturing Sheet Metal | Contract Metal ProductsHigh Volume Production

Your part has been thoroughly reviewed, planned, prototyped and reviewed some more – it’s time to kick it into high gear! We’ll continue to monitor and optimize your production for the duration of its life, with shipping and delivery designed to meet your unique needs.

Value Added Services

Our capabilities are extensive, and we’re driven by innovation. As we learn more about you, we’ll continue identifying ways to help like blanket orders and cost analysis.

Delivery Guarantee

We’ll deliver your order on time, or we’ll pay the freight!

Learn more about our approach and start your project consultation with a Switzer expert today!

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