Metal Manufacturing: When It’s Time to Modify Processes



There’s comfort in sticking with the metal manufacturing processes you’ve always used. But what you might not realize is how shifting over to new manufacturing methods can potentially address many of the challenges you face.

So how do you know it’s time to make the shift? Here are some issues that signal the need for change.

When to Switch Up Your Approach to Metal Manufacturing

Inconsistencies Between Parts

You’ve eagerly waited for the shipment of your manufactured metal parts. But shortly after receiving them, you realize that only some of the parts fit into their assemblies.

Finding inconsistencies between parts can be a frustrating process. Not only does it halt progress on your project but it also introduces added costs for correcting the misaligned parts.

An investment in more precise metal manufacturing methods can avoid these situations, saving on both time and costs.

Slower Lead Times

Lead times are a critical factor in the business world. Your ability to get products to market faster provides you with a competitive advantage and leads to a more profitable bottom line.

Notice your company falling behind in the race? A new approach to metal manufacturing for your parts could be just the solution you need to gain momentum.

Combining cutting-edge techniques with a customized metal fabrication approach will help you differentiate yourself from competitors both in terms of speed and quality.

Increasingly Complex Designs

Effective design has always been an important part of product development. To continuously provide better solutions, businesses are eager to manufacture complex designs that fit these needs.

Shifting toward this route as well? If so, you want to ensure that the metal manufacturing processes you choose provide room for such growth. This includes the flexibility to create intricate designs via metal fabrication as well as the ability to maintain tight tolerances.

Choose Switzer As Your Contract Manufacturer

Investing in the right type of metal manufacturing delivers significant benefits. The quality of your designs will improve and shorter lead times will bring your product to market faster.

As a contract manufacturer, Switzer produces metal parts with our customers’ goals in mind. We leverage our expertise and innovative metal fabrication techniques to find the best way to manufacture your parts—all while ensuring that the approach correlates with your needs and budget.

Have a metal part design that’s ready to manufacture? Upload your design here to get started with Switzer.



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