Switzer Upgrades Wastewater Treatment System at Blasdell Facility


Switzer, a precision metal parts provider, announces a major project to replace the wastewater treatment system at its production facility in Blasdell. The upgrade is part of a company-wide initiative to improve energy efficiency and safety of its operations.

Switzer Waste Water Treatment Upgrade

Among many benefits, the new system will assure that Switzer’s discharge water not only meets but exceeds current environmental regulations. “This is a proactive measure to make our process as clean and safe as possible,” states Bernie Switzer, President, “It’s very important to us that we minimize our environmental footprint on top of delivering the highest-quality products to our clients.”

Switzer waste water treatment facility

The wastewater system is a crucial component of Switzer’s industrial operation. Through a multi-stage process, the treatment system solidifies contaminates in process water, enabling waste to be separated and extracted. Clean water is released into the Erie County Sewer System, while the solids are properly processed as hazardous waste. The new system, provided by DMP Corporation, will allow Switzer to more precisely control pH levels during treatment, use fewer chemicals, and enhance separation of water and solid waste.

Switzer Waste Water Treatment Upgrade

“This new system is a tremendous upgrade. It is wildly efficient. It will increase our capacity while freeing up floor space. Plus, it will allow our team to work in a safer, quieter, and cleaner environment,” added Adam Switzer, Vice President. Equipped with remote access technology, the system will enable Switzer maintenance personnel to monitor and adjust controls of the treatment process from any location.

Switzer invested an estimated $300,000 to remove the current wastewater treatment system and install the new one, which was commissioned immediately after Christmas 2017.


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