Pursuing Perfection

At Switzer, our goal is to manufacture what nobody else can, what nobody else will, and what nobody else thought possible. To that end, we’re constantly evolving and seeking better solutions for our customers. This is our history.



New Single Chamber Etcher

The new single chamber etcher at Switzer is designed specifically for copper-based metals. The new technology enables us to maintain the tight tolerances and unparalleled quality that define our metal fabrication services.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Switzer is proud to have earned ISO 9001:2015 certification. This is a reflection of our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.


New Etcher

Our new etcher, a CC8000 double chamber machine, is up and running. We are thrilled to introduce this new addition to our facility—one that includes updated mechanics and software technology. It also provides further advantages like greater flexibility and increased capacity.


New Wastewater Treatment Facility

Switzer, a precision metal parts provider, announces a major project to replace the wastewater treatment system at its production facility in Blasdell. The upgrade is part of a company-wide initiative to improve energy efficiency and safety of its operations.


Switzer arrives

Precision Manufacturing Group is retired in favor of Switzer. Bernie and Adam Switzer felt it was important to have the Switzer name and values behind every part we make.


Precision Manufacturing Group is established to unify both divisions

In an effort to create a streamlined customer experience, Precision Photo-Fab, Inc. and Precision Specialty Fabrications are united under the dba Precision Manufacturing Group.


Bernie and Adam Switzer become President and Vice President of both companies

After years of working their way up through the company, Dennis’ sons take the helm.


Precision Photo-Fab, Inc. becomes ISO certified

The commitment to quality present from day one is formalized as the company continues to add customers and enter new markets.


Precision Specialty Fabrications, LLC is founded

Many customers had parts which required more than etching. A sister company was created to stamp, form, paint, and assemble parts.


Headquarters built in Buffalo, NY

Expansion was desperately needed and a facility was built specifically to accommodate photochemical etching.