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Category: RF/EMI Shields

Drones Helping Out During the Pandemic

As the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus sent people inside for safety, something came out to clean up the mess: drones. While humans couldn’t interact with one another, drones took over some roles to help people in the midst of the worldwide pandemic. enforcing social distancing While the pandemic resulted in strict stay-at-home orders…

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How EMI Shielding Techniques Are Powering the Future of EV/Hybrid Vehicles

It’s hard to remember a time where streets were void of electric and hybrid vehicles. In fact, it’s quite common these days to see plug-in stations in parking lots and hear of well-known automotive brands embracing the electric culture.

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Why RF Shielding Is Important To Your Design

  Radio frequency interference, or RFI, takes on many forms. It could be a humming microwave that causes a Wi-Fi connection to waver, or perhaps the sounds of a cell phone transmitter traveling through the airwaves of your car stereo.

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Electromagnetic Field Protection in the Digital World

Many devices around us have the ability to collect intelligent data about our day-to-day lives. Personal computers store records of the websites you’ve visited; smartphones can keep tabs on your location; and GPS trackers monitor the routes you travel while on the road.

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EMI Protection: 3 of the Most Common Myths

When radios first made their debut, noise interruptions—from pops and bangs to more subtle disruptions—were all chalked up to being part of the listening experience. But as electronic systems began to appear in military applications, the impact of electrical interference on the operation of equipment and the potential to set off false triggers evolved into…

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Why EMI Shielding Is Crucial for EMI Compliance

From simple consumer devices to cutting-edge aerospace equipment, all electronic devices share the electromagnetic spectrum. In close proximity, these devices readily interfere with each other’s performance. Radiated interference (RFI) travels via radio waves, and conducted interference occurs due to the magnetic fields generated by power and data cables.

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