The Importance of Choosing the Right Etcher

When it comes to finding a supplier of metal components, there are dozens of options; but choosing the right one can make all the difference in terms of obtaining exactly what you need. While there are many more relevant factors in selecting an etcher, we have picked three that Switzer considers most important: experience, capabilities and a customer-relationship focus.


How long does it take to master something? According to skills guru, leader and author Ryan M. Frischmann, the answer to that is 10,000 hours.

Since Switzer opened its doors in 1988, the company has spent over 66,000 hours etching custom components. Over three decades of experience have allowed Switzer to become a leader in its industry. The past 32 years have provided ample time for mistakes to be made and unseen challenges to be faced; yet, this experience has forced Switzer to learn more, step out of its comfort zone and execute the unthinkable.

There’s no faking it when it comes to experience. It’s not something that can be rushed. Only those who have been around long enough can hold it; and if those who have it truly know what they are doing, they will use their experience to not only grow themselves, but also to help others.


Switzer is more than a chemical etching company. Our capabilities – including punching, plating, coating, lapping, bonding, and more – go well beyond etching to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

However, Switzer’s capabilities don’t stop with the technicalities of manufacturing. We know that along the way in the production process, challenges will arise. That’s why we have two engineers dedicated to developing solutions for manufacturing obstacles staffed on-site. Whether it be offering design alterations for better manufacturability or assisting customers figure out exactly what they need, Switzer’s experienced staff has the aptitude required to overcome challenges in the production process.

Customer Relationship Focus

Here at Switzer, we are interested in more than just giving you the part you need. Switzer commits to fostering long-term relationships with our customers so that next time you need a metal part, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

As stated previously, we have on-site engineers who dedicate themselves to working alongside of you. If a challenge with your project arises, our engineers are there to create a resolution all while keeping cost to the customer in mind.

Additionally, we know you need your products on time. That’s why Switzer offers all of our customers an on-time delivery guarantee, or shipping’s on us.

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